Happy Love Month

Kindness Matters

In a month of love, we are taking a step back and focusing in on a slice of love, Kindness.  Kindness is being friendly, generous, and considerate.  It is not really about big epic moments, sometimes it is the fact that the action was so small which makes it impactful.  Some tiny act of kindness could easily be skipped over and no one would ever notice if you don’t do it – no one would say anything.  So the fact that it is unasked for and unexpected – is what makes it so huge.  

One way Townsend is taking kindness action is spreading kindness throughout our team and our community.  We are placing extra focus on our usual random acts of kindness through February, looking for and sharing stories of the everyday kindness moments that make such a difference in our lives.  But we also are putting collective kindness effort into supporting our local Code Blue Shelter program.  

The Code Blue Shelter provides services and shelter to our local homeless community whenever temperatures drop below 32 degrees.  The shelter also provides hot showers, clothing, blankets, toiletry kits, snack foods, water, and juice on-site. It is all volunteer-run and needs community support to stay available, which is critical for our area as we have had days and days of frigid temperatures in the low ‘teens.  
Our team has set up contactless collections sites around our facility where everyone and anyone can help us collect needed items, which we will donate to the Code Blue program.  We are collecting everything from baby wipes, chap-stick, and toilet paper, to socks, gloves, and used coats.  If you have any questions or want to help, reach out to our kindness-organizers Gabby, Kayla, Pamela, and Carrie.  
In this time and in this weather, kindness can do more than just warm a heart – these simple acts of kindness in collecting items for our fellow humans in need can warm hands and feet and souls.  
Our warming kind acts this month spill over into leather and design as well as we celebrate the warm and elegant hues of February winter, warms fireplaces, chocolate, and love – enchanting reds, deep maroons, blush pinks, and glamourous golds draw people together and stimulate conversation.

We hope you will join us, this month, in spreading kindness to those around you – near or far.  Share with us your Random Acts of Kindness by tagging us on Instagram and using #TownsendLeather.  Kindness often costs nothing but means everything to those who receive it.

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