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Hues of Orchid are royal, stunning, eye-grabbing.
They demand attention, but without the ferocity of color-cousin Magenta.

Paired with similar tones, from as far as deep reds to near-brown violets,
Orchid hues can equally be the standout or the bridge to the rest of your design palette.

Shown this month in two prominent ways.


One, as a featured leather in our brand new Stacy Garcia® Collection.
Our Stacy Garcia® Trifecta Cowhide, 
order samples and see more here: 

in hand-crafted Leather Roses.

These dazzling Leather Roses are made by hand at Townsend Leather using our luxury, designer, upholstery leather.  This special batch of Orchid -inspired hues and complementary tones are available for purchase by request only.
A limited amount exists, so if you want to have some to gift away to an orchid hue loving special person in your life before Valentine’s day, place your purchase request now.   The roses you purchase will be in a variety of colors and shades and will feature the uniqueness of any hand-crafted good.


Contact us at
to request leather rose purchasing information.


Another vision of beautiful hues
to inspire your design work
will be coming your way soon.

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Townsend Leather’s Color Inspiration, a periodic color inspiration spotlight, for your leather designs.