Get a Job You Love! ❤️

Get a job you love! ❤️ With Townsend Leather, the award-winning Best Place to Work and Top Workplace! 

Townsend is proud to have the best jobs in the area and make the best leather in the world, and YOU can join us.  


Townsend Leather loves our community and is proud to be crafted in the Glove Cities.  We are growing as a company and are really excited about the team and culture we have cultivated over the years.  We are at a pivotal moment of huge growth and are so excited for our future. We are currently looking to fill about 12-20 more of our hands-on, hearts-in leather-crafting production careers.  

For many years, we have been named a Top Place to Work and the Best Place to Work, with 40 Under 40 award-winning leadership, and even more special awards, just for our company culture.  We take the act of creating a team very seriously and hope to provide lifelong jobs for our community. 

We offer highly competitive pay, bonuses, and an impressive full benefits package and we are looking, right now, to grow our Production Team and Shoe Leather Teams as well as some other areas, and everywhere across Townsend has a lot of growth potential for the future; despite the current times and challenges, we are super busy and we are projecting even more growth in the coming years. 


See more about our career opportunities at our Job page: 


Maybe you’ve seen our “Get a Job You Love ❤️” billboards around, or maybe you’ve been to an Amsterdam Mohawks game and saw Townsend there, or maybe you’ve come across us online somewhere – and you might have wondered what all those icons/stickers/little weirds were. 

Each one has a story, a Townsend story.  



Townsend’s leadership team is full of award winners, notably 3 distinguished as 40 Under 40 winners, with Tim Becket as the most recent recipient: 





For many years, Townsend Leather has continuously won awards for our Team, our culture, and our Leadership – making us the Top Work Place and Best Place To Work: 





We believe in our company, in our people, and in our culture.  We believe in making it better every day.  Awards like these are not necessary, they aren’t something we specifically strive for, but to be recognized for the things that we hold near and dear to our hearts, feels good:





Be Excellent to Each Other is a credo we gladly live by at Townsend.  We are Partners in this together, crafting side by side and continually being excellent, together.  You can buy this as a shirt and proudly wear your excellence:




Townsend is an equal opportunity employer and is a proud supporter of the HRC and its mission. We are heartfelt intent on balance, growth, and innovation for all, especially those that face marginalization and unfair barriers. 




We are Stronger Together.  We love our team.  So we do everything we can to support one another.  We have a “Hides of Hope” Partners supporting Partners system where we can work together to help each other through tough times and celebrate with each other in great times, our Stronger Together shirts even help support our system:




We love our Glove Cities community.  Which is why are proud to give our around $10,000 in local community support each year.  We love hugs and this is one small we we can gift out and hug our community:





Thumbs-ups are the best, right?!  We love high-fives, air-high-fives, hugs, and every kind of hand-gesture-celebration!  Sometimes we are just feeling thumbs-upy! 





We love t-shirts at Townsend!  We love to rock and we love shirts.  We love to rock so much we made a shirt about it, we love shirts so much, we made a website for them!





Townsend Leather makes the world’s best upholstery leather.  We are masters of cowhide, and that is not a brag, it is just a fact.  Our team is the world’s best at crafting leather.  Our team is cool.  This cow is cool, just check out their sunglasses (that’s how you can tell they are cool), everyone at Townsend is always wearing metaphorical sunglasses because they are endlessly cool. 




Townsend is also full of goofballs, shirts, leather, and fun.  Some of our absolutely legendary Partners are known as the “who what where guys”.  And can often be found severing as our own 3 stooges crew: 





At Townsend, we love what we do, we love who we do it for, and we love who we do it with.  Everything we do is based on passion and craft. We are a team of thinkers and problem-solvers, innovators, goal-setters, question-askers.  

We only seek out doers, action-takers, and awesome people. So, since we look for those things, our team is already staffed with the greatest people in the area.  When you join our team, you will be surrounded by the greatest people with the biggest hearts.



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