Townsend Leather Rocks!

2015 was yet another incredible year for Townsend Leather and all our Partners!

Merry Christmas 2015 Townsend Leather

This year was full of new products, exciting projects, and tons of fun.  One of the fun things we just finished up was our annual Townsend Leather calendar.

Many of our friends and customers will soon be receiving our ever popular annual gift calendar.  We craft these calendars each year to be a piece of Townsend functional art you can have at your desk.  We always aim to do something different with the calendar, and this year has been an especially interesting one. It is proving to be one of our most popular calendars yet!  So if you don’t see one from your Townsend rep or in your mailbox in the next couple weeks, get your request for one in soon!
They will go fast!

Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar

Our calendar features beautiful Townsend Leather product photos, and since 2015 was such a rockin’ good year for Townsend – each month has a “grit-inspiring” song suggestion, to rock out to throughout the month.

Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar2

Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar1

Our calendar is held together (and can be held to the wall) with a special Townsend pin, but we are loving to see all the creative ways that folks are designing to display their calendar!  When you get yours, make sure to send us a pic of how you use it!

Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar3

Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar4
Just remove the pin backing and press the calendar into the wall, now you’ve got it right where you need it!

Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar5

Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar11pinnedtowall
The 2015 Townsend Leather Calendar “pin-up” calendar. Shown here pinned to a bulletin board.
Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar12dryeraseshelf
Here someone made use of an already existing shelf and displayed their calendar on the dry erase board.
Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar6cd case
Here someone utilized part of Townsend’s 2015 calendar. They put their 2016 calendar into the “CD case” and have it standing right next to their computer.
Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar13wierdo
Check out this weirdo! He is wearing the calendar around like a shirt pin!
Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar7binder clip
Without last year’s CD case, this person used a standard binder clip to display their calendar right on their desk.
Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar8binder clip
Binder clips are so useful.
Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar14onastring
Here’s a fun one! Someone strung the calendar up, now they can slide each page back and forth to see the date they are looking for!
Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar15onastring
Sliding strung pages!
Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar10ondesk
Of course the easiest (and yet still attractive) is to just throw it right down on the desk, in the pile of your other important papers.
Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar9ornament
And probably our favorite display idea… as a festive Christmas Tree Ornament!

Share your pics on Facebook, or to and show off the ways you display your highly-sought after desk jewelry, that is the 2016 Townsend Leather Calendar!

As our President Jared Eckler has been talking about all year, and on the calendar, this year was full of grit.  Grit in strength, in patience, in passion.  It has been a year full of new products, exciting developments, new hires, fun times, and lots of meaningful memories.

Here is a brief look at just a handful of memories from our year.

We like to say that this year was really rocking, and so as you can scroll through these pics – treat them as if they are a rockin’ playlist of memories and it is playing on shuffle, just a few randomly chosen pics to reflect on.

Striations Buffalo Blue Jean Baby


Facebook Cover image_something sweet

Facebook Cover image

Beekman Boys at Townsend

Townsend Leather Superhero Team Shirts






Ambella Home Collection Vintage La Scala Buffalo Iridescent Moonlight

Ambella Home Collection Striations Buffalo Blue Jean Baby ottoman


superheroes work here


Hair On Hide Toro Prairie Dust in Geoff's House

New Eblast Main Image

2-Townsend Leather_Metallic Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide (1)

Step Week 4



chili2 copy


voyager in stock



regal in stock

modern abstract art

marbled abstract art

manchester in stock


jetsetter silk

jetsetter runway

jetsetter generic

jetsetter excursion

jetsetter champagne


crossroads handiwork

crossorads tipped


classic in stock

Corked Buffalo







Cindy (5)

Team Townsend Random Photos (4)



Custom Color Scheme (2)

Stenciled Hobo

Customer Experimental Jet with Townsend Leather_ (20)

Crocodile Bucket bag-G

Ambella Ad with Townsend Leather_Silhouette Spearmint and Gold Buffalo leather _La Scala and Blocks pattern






Townsend Leather Relay For Life 2015 (5)

Townsend Leather Longevity Luncheon 2015 (42) (1280x853)

Townsend Leather Longevity Luncheon 2015 (15) (1280x854)







Townsend Leather Taco Tuseday

Townsend Leather Sample Magicans Leather Burger and Fries_Burger Time

Townsend Leather CDPHP Workforce Challenge_ (2)

Townsend Article_Flight Evening News

Proud to celebrate freedom july 4th








Our annual holiday company luncheon this year was spectacular! With decorations, food, music, and fun.
We had many speakers sharing meaningful sentiments and stories.
And of course held our annual Ugly Sweater Contest again! Some real impressive sites were seen!






In a way the holiday luncheon was a perfect recap of the year in its entirety. It was jam packed with grit and rocking music. It came together quickly and with high precision because of many Partners working together. It had tears and deep meaning. It had memories and longing. It had laughs and silliness. It had Partners helping Partners and Partners celebrating Partners. It had great food and great friends. This was a luncheon, and a year, that will be held in high regard for a long time to come.

We are so grateful for the year we were able to enjoy and celebrate together.  We are sad to see 2015 come to an end, but we are eagerly welcoming 2016 with open arms knowing it will be a continuation of our incredible time together.  Thank you for being a part of Townsend Leather’s 2015, we hope you had as much joy and success as we did.

“In the spirit of celebrating the Grit shown by all of Townsend, its suppliers, and its customers throughout 2015, I’ve compiled below some music that evokes the Grit factor I’ve seen in action.

This year, here at Townsend, we’ve shared with each other some songs that exemplify Grit – that dogged dedication and endurance – through CD’s. I’ve made no secret of my love for music and of finding inspiration through the words and melodies of songs , and I know many of you feel the same way.

We all take inspiration from special songs that give us goosebumps, that get us pumped up, and that especially speak to the spirit of sticking to it and fighting the good fight… and most of all, not giving up! On the back of each month of the year on our 2016 Townsend Leather calendar, we are featuring a song and selected lyrics that we found particularly moving and that resound with our “Grit” theme.

I hope you enjoy the musical journey throughout the year ahead and that these songs move you like they have us. Quite literally, we are saying, we rock, and so do you! We hope you have seen the fruits of your own Grit-filled labor in 2015 and wish you a truly rocking 2016!” 

– Jared Eckler
Townsend Leather President


As a prize for making it all the way to the end of this post, we invite you to enjoy this Townsend Leather Uptown Funk Music Video, made of and for our Townsend Leather Partners.  It was a silly fun time, that ended up making lots of laughs and memories for us,  We hope you enjoy it!

Artist: Mark Ronson
Featured artist: Bruno Mars
Album: Uptown Special
Released: 2015


Thank you to all Townsend Partners, customers, reps, friends, and fans.

Cheers to an incredible 2015 and an even better 2016!