Townsend Leather is a Best Place to Work 2023

Once again, Townsend Leather has been recognized as a Best Place to Work in all the capital region!

See the formal announcement from the Albany Business Review here:

This is a recognition that we do not take lightly. It is something we strive for and are proud to be labeled as. Surveys go out to every employee, they are filled out and turned in to a third party, who pours over them, evaluates them, compares them to every other company, sorts, ranks, and then awards. So it really means something to us, that this award comes to us directly because of the words and insights of our people. Of all the places someone could work in the greater Albany capital region, we are confident and validated in knowing, Townsend Leather is one of the very best.

We care about what we do here and we care about each other. This award is an outward manifestation of our care about who we are, what we do, and who we are together.

We are proud to be Townsend.

At an invite-only Albany Business Review event, Townsend Leather was officially be recognized and honored as a Best Place to Work in all the Capital Region. It is something special to feel so proud of the place you work, and it is something even more special to see how shared that pride is. We had so many folks raise their hand on workplace, in voice, and email to say they would represent Townsend Leather at this event.

Of course, not everyone could go, but the act of so many stepping up and saying “I’m interested” is such an iconic example of who Townsend is. Townsend is full of action-takers, get-shit-done-doers, of people who care, who dare, who want to be part of something, and the response to this event is just one small example of that – of who we are and why we are the Best.

But a small group of dedicated and passionate Partners from a single department were able to go to represent Townsend. A department that overcame and even thrived through some personnel changes, a department that facilitated the growth of newer Partners into superstar status, a department that does a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes work that keeps everything at Townsend moving, a department of fun, action, and connection. A department that just finished up “year-end” in record fashion and was able to even comment that through it all their “smile has never felt brighter”… the bright-smiling Accounting Team will be attending the event, to represent Townsend Leather and pick up our award on behalf of all of us.

The Accounting Team had an incredible time, full of laughs and memorable moments, all of Townsend was proud to have the represent us at the event.

Our team loved attending the Best Places To Work celebration event last year: