Best Place to Work - Townsend Leather

Townsend Leather has once again been named a Best Place to Work in all the great capital region by the Albany Business Review!

We are proud and honored, but not at all surprised to earn this recognition.  Townsend Leather is made of people who care, who take action, who live with passion.  And when you get a group of people like that together working toward a common goal of crafting something amazing – incredible things happen.

The award event was “Western” themed and the representing Townsend crew came in style.  Toward the end of the event, when the moment finally came to announce Townsend Leather’s name, the group couldn’t hold back with excitement and Townsendyness and galloped their way to the stage with joy, see the video below.

Hanging out at the Marriot before the award ceremony, the Albany Business Review had set up some photo booth fun, an axe throwing, and they even had puppies! The Townsend group got into ALL of it.  Arriving early to be sure to not miss anything and staying late to take it all in, the Townsend crew gobbled up this event just like they approach everything Townsend: with heart, drive, and fun.  They left no game unplayed, no business card raffle uncarded, no drink undrunk, no photo opportunity missed, and took every chance they could to cheer, hoot, and celebrate each other.

One of the team wandered away and got lost and confused in the hallways of the large hotel, but even that could not dampen the spirit of this crew, like the true-Townsend problem solvers and action takers they are, they spread out like a trail of Townsend bread crumbs and lured the lost-one back, showing kindness and care to wait for him at the corner where he was last seen.

Once they were all back together again, they got right to the important part, eating dessert.  With the dense chocolatey treat out of the way, they could then work their way through the lunch and the fantastically joyful sprawling conversation with each other, until finally a hush came over the crowd and all eyes turned to see the cowboy-hatted group, who all day long, had been laughing, cheersing, snuggling puppies, and truly having the best time of anyone there – gather together, climb onto their invisible multi-person horse and ride it to the stage in a fit of glee!

This is an award that is truly an honor to all of us at Townsend.  It has meaning behind it, big meaning.  It represents all of us together but does so by representing who Townsend is – individuals able to lean in on each of our personal strengths, coming together to make something amazing. We were proud to be in that room, we are proud to have this honor to hang on our wall, and we are proud to be Townsend.

We can’t wait until next year!