Beer, Chocolate, Love and Holiday Cards!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Townsend Leather

We hope you look back on 2023 with fondness and joy, but look forward to an even greater 2024.

At Townsend we closed out the year with a surprise quick-burst of joy-spreading as we passed out our annual “Lookback book”/yearbook and a Townsend-exclusive beer!

The beer was made by Partners for Partners with Townsend at its heart. Our own, Kevin Lindsley, who is also brewmaster at Stump City Brewing, handcrafted this beer from his own recipe, doing everything with passion for craft, and a mind on his Partners here at Townsend. Kevin did everything from the brewing to the canning and even made the label. Kevin brought other Partners into this passion project, getting brewing help and passionate-beer-knowledge from our own Jeremy Douglas, and the whole thing was the brainchild of Jared Eckler who continued to be the biggest supporter of wanting to connect the local Stump City community with Townsend’s and find a cool way to show love to our team.

Of course, we don’t want to leave anyone out at Townsend, so for those who can’t or do not drink alcohol, we also gathered Townsend-labeled sodas!  Michelle, Maria, and Nina helped make that happen, and got hundreds of soda bottles relabeled as “Partners Pop”.

This year we also continued to explore our fascination of beer, chocolate, and leather together and have delicious luxury chocolates on hand to celebrate the holidays with.  Our idea of Partners since its inception has always stood for Customers, Vendors, Fans, Connections, and Employees so we are proud to share our bounty with all of you as well, so let us know if you would like some chocolates or beer to enjoy through the start of the new year!

Share a favorite Townsend memory of 2023 and contact us at for a new year gift by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

We truly wish the entire Townsend community the happiest of holidays one way we wanted to show that was with our fun annual Team Holiday Card celebration!  Last year we kicked things off, and this year ran into some scheduling issues, but were still able to pull a few fun cards together, see the fun and pics below.

We sincerely thank you for your Partnership through this year and are looking forward to an even brighter year ahead, where the sky’s the limit for all we will create together!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Chocolate, Beer, and Leather

Let us know some favorite 2023 Townsend Leather memories and some info and we will get a gift out to you. We are all out of beer and chocolate, but we might be able to send you something we have on hand. A gift for your memories.

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