Happy Holidays from everyone at Townsend Leather

Many of our team took a moment to craft a special holiday card together.  Some awkward moments, a couple of kidnappings, 1 drunken Santa, some shredded paper snow angels, some real snow fun,  giant candy canes, and more… in true Townsend style, our team was full of creativity, fun, and weirdness.  Click on the images below to zoom in on the details and greatness that the teams put together.

Behind the fun and silliness though is our heart and hopes from us to you – that as the year closes you can take a moment to reflect on the fun and memories you created, that you can share a laugh with someone you are close with, that you can enjoy treats (sweet and other), and can feel a moment of togetherness.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Townsend Leather to you.

We are so grateful for our customers and fans across the world, we love what we do, who we do it with, and who we do it for.  Anytime we can take a pause and reflect on the things we have made and the joy we have put into it, is a special moment.

From our weird family of weirdos, to yours, happy holidays!