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For our Sample Store

Do you have questions about using Townsend Leather’s new and improved Sample Store?  We have answers!  We aim to delight our customers in every way, through leather, your final design and the entire process to get there.  So we have released a new even easier way for you to select leather and request samples from us.  But with anything new, there are often questions – if you have any, check the list below or email us at with any website questions or ideas.

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Q – I am filling out a New Customer Registration form, but nothing happens when I click Submit Registration, what’s going on?

A – It is likely that a field is incomplete, scroll through the page and look for any highlighted areas, red asterisks, or other notices – complete and try again.  If you are still having issues contact our web team at

Q – I registered, but never got an email confirmation, where is it?

A – Check your junk mail or spam folders.  Sometimes these confirmation emails get pushed the wrong way by email services. 

Q – I registered but I still cannot order samples, what’s going on?

A – Your information is in our system, it just needs to be processed and go through the approval measure.  As soon as that happens you will be able to order samples.  Contact us at and let us know when you submitted your registration and we can work to make the approval happen as quickly as possible. 

Q – Something weird happened with my Lightbox, what’s going on?

A – Contact us at and let us know what is going on.  Every website has hiccups and little weirdnesses, it might be a server issue, it might be a browser issue, it might be something we’ve never seen before, whatever it is – we will work to figure it out and make sure you get the leather you need.

Q – I don’t want to make a new account.  

A – Even though that isn’t a question, we still have an answer for you.  We want customers to have control over what they want and when they want to search for it.  We have worked hard to make our website easy to use and full of everything you might want.  And to make our order system work as effectively as possible, it is best for every customer to have a Sample Store account.  But, if setting up an account is something you can’t or won’t do, we can set it up for you.  Just email us at and we can get the form set up for you.  

Q – I’ve changed companies, can I keep my same Townsend account?

A – Your Townsend account is personalized to you.  Your email address and password are only known to you.  You can log in at any time and change your personal information in your profile.  So if you change companies, or email address, or location, just update your profile information and change to your new email address to keep using your account.  Your saved Lightboxes will stay with you. 

Q – What is a Lightbox?

A – A Lightbox is like a digital design board or a digital shopping cart.  You can use a Lightbox to select all the leathers you want to see together and then print off a pdf to use on your physical design board or share with a colleague for input.  Or you can use your Lightbox to order physical samples of those leathers.  

You can have an infinite number of light boxes all tailored however you want.  So you can make a Lightbox of your favorite, a Lightbox of just blues, a Lightbox of leathers that are perfect for that new luxury chair project, or a Lightbox of just a single item. 

Q – I want more than one sample of this leather, but I can only add one at a time.  How can I get more?

A – Use the Special Instructions section of the Order Lightbox form.  This is an area to tell us all your sample request needs.  Let us know if you need multiple pieces of a particular swatch (and how many), let us know if you need larger sizes of something, let us know any special requests for your samples and we will do everything we can to meet those requests.

Q – Is this site secure?

A – Absolutely!  Our site is cookie compliant, secure, safe, and protected. Also, there is no payment information connected to your Townsend Leather Sample Store account, our samples are provided for free.  So you can rest easy knowing the little information that is stored with this account is safe and secure.  

Q – I am looking for a leather that is not on your site, where can I find it?

A – We have samples of our standard production.  But we are the manufacturer and can customize for any leather dream.  If you are looking for something specific, let us know at  You can just give us a description, you can take a picture of something you have or have seen, or you can send us a physical sample to match.  However you want to share your dream – we can make it come true.  

Q – This part of your site looks wrong or weird or something I didn’t understand happened here, what’s going on?

A – If you see anything confusing on our site or have any concerns or questions at all, contact us at and we will figure it out with you.  

Q – There is so much fantastic leather to look at on here, where should I start?

A – A good place to just start browsing is our “Surprise Me” selection, These are leathers that we think deserve some highlighting and might set you on a path of inspiration. 

Q – I have a question that is not answered here, what should I do?

A – Any questions you have can be sent along to us at or and we will do everything we can to find you an answer.