Best Place to Work - Townsend Leather


For another year, Townsend Leather has been named as a BEST PLACE TO WORK in the entire Capital Region by the Albany Business Review!  We are close to a decade of these meaningful awards that recognize the people we are and the way we do our work.  It is such a deep honor to be awarded this way, because we value our Partnership together more than anything, knowing that the best leather in the world is made by the best people in the world who are happy, engaged, trusted, cared for, and celebrated together.  Winning Best Place To Work again just gives us one more notification of validation that we do truly have the best team in the world, and we are so proud of it. 

The team that accepted the award on behalf of Townsend exemplified perfectly who we are and why we won.  Our team is driven, joy-filled, fun, engaged, and ready to take action.  You can see it in the teeny video clip and in the photos, they are awesome Partners part of an awesome team. 

* Please note we take all covid precautions seriously and do everything we can to keep our team and everyone around us safe and healthy, the video and photos were taken at a vaccination-only BPTW award event a few weeks ago. 



This award comes from employees’ written words and survey feedback.  It is not a popularity vote, it is not a bought message, it is direct from the hearts and minds of the people in the middle of it. 

This is why an award like this is especially meaningful.  Townsend’s own Partners combined with the input and evaluation of outside lookers-on, took everything into account, compared everything with all the companies in the entire region, and deemed that Townsend Leather earned the title of Best Place to Work.  

We love our work, we love who we do it for, and we love our team.  This is an award each of us on the team gets to own a piece of and carry proudly wherever we go.  

If you want to join our award-winning, Best Place To Work team, you can find out more about our openings and apply with us at

What does it mean to be a Great Place To Work?
Maybe to figure that out we should ask ourselves what it isn’t. Being a great place to work doesn’t mean that every day is easy. It doesn’t mean that every day is fun, clear, or even that you leave always feeling like a winner. Sometimes it means that you have to get gritty, you have to dig deep, fight hard, and ignite a level of resilience you never knew was there.
A great place to work is a place where people feel so strongly about their product and about each other that they will not stop until both are the best they can be. It’s a place where we double down on what’s great, learn from what isn’t, and have each other’s backs while we grow forward.
It’s no wonder then that at this time, a time when everything may feel a little sideways Townsend Leather was named a Best Places to Work in the capital region for a 7th straight year in a row.
Congratulations Partners! This would not be possible without each and every one of us fighting forward and caring in a deep way. Keep fighting, caring, and doing what you do. – Pam 

Townsend Leather is a Top Work Place & Best Place to Work!