Townsend Leather Shoe Leather Team

One of the reasons Townsend Leather continues to be awarded recognitions like “Best Place To Work” and “Top Work Place“, is because of people like the incredible folks on our Shoe Leather Team


This is work that is not for everyone, it requires skill, nuance, and a passion for hands-on craft.  But the people that can make it on to this team find themselves in an inspiring world of compassion, team, family, and pride.  This is a hands-on hearts-in team that takes challenges head-on to craft awesomeness.  This is the world-renown team to be featured on National Geographic for their part in crafting New Balance Shoes!  This is the team that lives by the daring yet meaningful credo, “F*ck Average, Be Legendary!” 


Take a quick peek into what their work is and feels like to them:


If you or someone you know has what it takes to be part of this legendary team, apply today!  


Because of the incredible quality of work this team does, and Townsend’s foresight and leadership – Townsend Leather is growing


We are looking to add a couple more people to our Shoe Leather Team.  Looking to add a couple more people to take pride in crafting leather for New Balance shoes and other high-level brands, looking to add a couple more people who like to have fun while they are doing hard work, looking to add a couple more people who want to be part of a team, part of something bigger than themselves, part of something awesome.  


Check our Job Opportunities page to see more details about our open positions and click to apply.