Townsend Leather - In Stock Available April 1st

Townsend Leather initiates a slow ramp up, with a focus on safety.  

With a steadfast and urgent focus on health and safety, we want you to know Townsend Leather is still your Partner

The new normal looks different and the future is unknown, but we are remaining flexible, agile, and putting our all into our values of grit and teamwork to find solutions for you, while we remain diligent in health-first operations. 

Townsend Leather is utilizing best-possible-health practices to slowly ramp up our production process and investing in new technology to offer quick responses and focused support, starting next week. 


What this means:

  • Starting April 1st, Townsend Leather will be able to provide quick response and ready-to-ship leather selections from our enormous In-Stock options.
  • Townsend Leather production will remain “on pause” until April 3rd, with around 10% of our team active next week, to disinfect our buildings, prep critical operations, and our Remote Team of Partners will be answering emails and finding every solution they can through the remote tools we have available.
  • On April 13th, Townsend Leather will start core production processes with a first-wave of returning Partners. CFAs, Strike-Offs, and Sample Requests will start being sent out during this time.


Townsend Leather has been busy preparing for a return to work during this time, as well as,
utilizing our resources to support our Community through cutting fabric for local hospital face-masks (Townsend connected with other local business to gather materials and cut patterns for thousands of fabric face-masks to donate to our local hospital),
our Partners through paid-time-off (Townsend has been offering full pay to all Townsend Partners through this unprecedented period of pause, a challenge to maintain, but an important one for Townsend’s leadership to act on – our family of Townsend Leather Partner’s/employee’s health and future is of the utmost importance),
our State by adhering to the policies and best-practices outlined by our Governor (Townsend Leather, evaluated our “essential” status and even though we could work, we knew we wanted to put safety first and go “on pause” with the rest of the state),
and our Customers by putting focus to the future and attentive planning (In-stock available April 1st for immediate shipment, implementation of an active remote team, and a ramp-up of production in coming weeks).

We are all lucky to truly love the work we do and a part of all of us is grieving that we cannot carry on as normally.  But our current steps of action and care will make the future even sweeter when we surmount these challenges and see brighter days. 

We will get there, together.

Please reach out to your customer service rep or for further questions or messages. 

We will stay connected and communicate as often as we can with any updates or changes.  You can stay connected to us via Facebook,