Townsend Leather/NY State Shut Down

Townsend Leather “On Pause” starting Monday

​Following mandate guidelines, regarding stopping the spread of COVID19, from New York State Governor, Townsend Leather will be fully shut down starting Monday, March 23 for a period of time yet-unknown, due to the fluidity of the situation.  

For the health and safety of our partners and all New York State residents, we will be participating proudly to follow the state guidelines and helping to “PAUSE” the spread of this virus.  

We will be anxiously awaiting a return to normalcy and are taking painstaking efforts to prepare ourselves for a quick return to high efficiency.  Being the manufacturer ourselves, and with stock on our shelves, and love for leather in our hearts – the moment we resume work, we will be at full speed!  So, we encourage all customers to continue submitting Sample Request or New Customers to complete registration forms.  We will ship requests when we resume and will respond to submissions and communications as soon as we are able.  

We will stay connected and communicate as often as we can with any updates or changes.  You can stay connected to us via Facebook,



Resilience. It is what we hope for, it is what we work toward.
Together. It is what we are, even if not physically.

Physical presence does not define us, 6 feet, 6 miles, 6 continents… we are united through, actions, words, support… we are together. We are in this together, we will get through this together.

We are awed by the examples of resilience, of team, of care, of community that have been on display through this time of uncertainty and rapid changes… the local Regional Animal Shelter working to provide dog food to those in need, the highly-connected people – working to pass accurate and informed information to all, the vast and varied healthcare network tirelessly working for all of us, the individuals taking a moment to look each other in the eye and listen to concerns and fears…Now more than ever, we are proud to be crafted in the Glove Cities, we are proud to be Townsend Partners, we are proud to be together.

Townsend Leather is dedicated to putting the well-being of our Partners first. We are utilizing our resources and network to stay informed and take action. The future is undetermined, which is unsettling, but also means there is endless space for hope.
We hold to hope. We hold to hope in each other and in knowing, together we will get through this.

We are not defined by proximity, by the work we do, by the danger we face… we are defined by the values we display in times of strife. We aim, to be defined, by being Partners, together. 
And we sincerely thank you for joining us in partnership during this time. 

– Townsend Leather