Different But The Same, Back In Action

With an even deeper focus on health, safety, and efficiency Townsend Leather is back. 

Different, but same. 

Townsend Leather returns to leather production this week.  Making the same beautiful, world-renown, versatile leather we always have.  Making it with the same stringent quality-first focus and our same continuous aim of surpassing customers’ expectations.  

But, things are different.  The world is different.  

We have spent time making Personal Protective Equipment for our team and our community.  We have established a large dedicated cleaning crew.  We have implemented new methods of health assessment and safety.  We have gathered new technology and dramatically grown our at-home workforce.  We have rearranged workflow both physically and mentally to provide the safest possible work environment and greatest possible efficiency.  We are doing things different.  But the same.  

This week, starting Wednesday, April 15th, Townsend Leather will be starting up production again.  Our prepared actions and health-first approach means that none of our changes will impact lead times, we are taking orders and are able to fulfill them.  We have already had a team in place to offer immediate shipping on our enormous library of In Stock Leathers and will now be getting orders, CFAs, SKOs, and Sample Requests into the production flow.  We are doing this with a paired down staff, keeping 6 feet distance, no meetings, no gatherings, wearing masks, and working in staggered shifts.  We are adhering or surpassing all the CDC’s guidelines. 
Still producing the same finest leather in the world, but doing it differently.

We have been putting weeks and minds into keeping our team safe.  We went on pause to ensure everyone was safe.  We are now, cautiously and thoughtfully returning.  

Our team looks different and our days look different, but our hearts, our processes, and our work look the same.  

If you have a project in the works or just in dream stage, let us knowWe are taking orders, we have stock ready to ship, we have a team eager to get back to doing what they love most – making leather.  

We are so grateful for the outpouring and continued message of love and support that we have received from so many customers and Townsend Leather fans through all of this.  We are so grateful we have the tools, resources, team, and action-minded leadership to put us in a position where we can confidently and healthfully return to work.  

We would love to hear from you during this unprecedented time, meet us on Facebook: