Bring Your Child To Work Day 2019

We had an absolute delight in spending time with the future.  Townsend participated in Bring Your Child To Work Day and loved having lots of littles (and mediums and bigs) around.  

It was heartwarming to see so many Parents proudly showing off what they do all day to their bright-eyed and excited children.  And seeing them connect with their kids over the craft, team, and fun that is created at Townsend every day.  

We were able to take a big group tour, handing out lots of scrap leather, seeing awesomeness in action, and even enjoying some ice cream all together as a family team.  

These moments of connection – these special and unique moments of connection – connection to family, to work-life, to creating… are moments that express the true joy of being a Townsend Leather Partner. 

We loved having young minds in the building, observing, learning, asking.  Having a moment to share our sense of team, or focus on fun, and our passion for craft – is always a delight, but especially when it builds a connection to the future.

We love being able to have our hardworking Partners share with their children, and the future workforce, a sense of Townsend’s teamwork, focus on fun, and our passion for handcrafted leather making.  Many of them were natural color creators and even tried their hand at tipping, a skill that takes years to perfect!
Being able to experience the joy they brought is just another reason Townsend is one of the Best Places to Work. 

Thank you to all the engaged, eager, and super-fun children that visited Townsend today and thank you to all the impressive ever-awesome Parents/Partners that hosted them!



Also, a bonus set of photos… we have many many families at Townsend – we have Parents that “bring their child to work” every day by working side by side with them at Townsend, we even have many pairings that consider themselves “work moms” or “work dads” to some Partners.  One of those pairings is a Townsend favorite ‘goof-ball comedy duos’, Tommy and Kevin.  Shown here in a short photo series of Daddy Kevin becoming increasingly exasperated at lil Tommy, always getting into mischief… Ohhh TomMYYY!