A look back on our story-filled 2018…

Our story-filled year was filled with awards, projects, giving, fun, hugs and so so much.  It is impossible to stuff an entire year of memories, moments, stories, creations, love, and joy into one slideshow, but we tried!   Once again, enjoy the video slideshow above, as a super fast snapshot of just a few of the memory-made moments of our 2018, as our 2018 Year in Blurview (photos are in a bit of a random order and certainly not fully representative of all the magical moments we had and experienced in 2018, but is a fun snapshot nonetheless) (see 2017’s year in blurview, here)

Some of the most proud moments we have at Townsend Leather, is when someone else has the chance to notice the things we see and feel here each day.  We take pride in the quality of leather and are so proud when a customer calls to tell us how much they loved it too.  

We take pride in our community, giving back, being present, aiming to be a positive force in the area, and we love when our Partners create great meaningful things, like restoring local parks. 

Partners Park

We are proud of our Partners, the wisdom they have, the care the give, and it is even more pride-inducing when it is coming from our leaders and our President.  We were all proud to see Jared’s words and foresight shared in the Business Journal article: 

And of course we take pride in the team that we are, the work we create, the love and care we have for each other, and the type of workplace we’ve built.  So it is especially exciting to have been recognized as the #1 Top Workplace and the Best Place to work!

And certainly, we are proud of our future, our celebration of 50 years and everything good that is yet to come!