Partners Park

On January 31st 2018, myself (Danielle I., pictured above)and 4 other Partners were chosen to go to a Ted Talk that was being held at FMCC. Some speakers at this Ted Talk spoke of the work that they had done revitalizing their own communities. Others spoke of what they had done to reach out to communities outside of their own. Hearing the perspective and advice from the speakers really sparked the flame inside of me to figure out how myself and Townsend could help also. I have always had a passion for helping others and often wondered what I could do to help the area that I grew up in and felt passionate about. It was not until I had begun my career at Townsend Leather that I had found a place that was incredibly willing to lend a helping hand.

We brought these ideas back to Townsend with us and at the next Ted Talk we explained some ideas that were mentioned at FMCC. A lot of talk began internally at Townsend and so many Partners were excited to get involved with bettering our community. Through talking with our seasoned vets here at Townsend, I found out that 22 years ago, Terry Kucel, along with our Partners, had donated a park to Johnstown. Partners Park was born in 1996. I was the ripe age of 8 years old at that time! When I found out that Townsend had already donated a beautiful park, I was firstly honored to work for such a caring company but second, I was curious to know if this park needed a little love!

Terry Kucel, Sarah Eckler and myself took a drive to the Park one afternoon and noticed that Partners Park did in fact need of some love from our Partners. Once we spread the word of the park, our Partners were excited to hear that we would be doing some cleaning, planting and construction to help revive it again. I had mentioned the park idea to a Partner that had helped bring Partners Park to life 22 years ago, and they were so excited to help this time around as well. That really warmed my heart. I loved seeing his face light up with joy knowing he would have another opportunity to help!

On April 26, 2018 about 20 Partners and myself began phase 1 of the Partners Park Clean Up! Though the weather was still slightly chilly, we put on our hats and gloves and got to work. The 1st phase was cleaning up leaves, garbage and debris from the park. It was amazing to see everyone together, working towards a noble cause. We had a nice lunch in the Park after wards and spoke about what is to come next.

Did you know?

Townsend Leather Partners donated their time to improve and restore a park located in Johnstown, NY almost 22 years ago (in 1996 to be exact).


I wanted to give a huge shout-out to all of our teammates who donated their lunch hour(s) and lots of hard work all for the good of Partners Park. We have some very special Partners who are selfless. I appreciate everyone who gave up their time to lend a helping hand. I am honored to work with you all.

A special thanks to Terry and Townsend for the support throughout this process. It is an amazing feeling to know that we work for a company that cares so deeply about giving back and helping.

Thank you, Townsend and Partners, for making this happen!