NYC Fashion Week

Last week concluded the 2014 New York City Fashion Week and it was full of excitement, trends, and everything needed to influence the world of fashion and design in the coming months.

NYC Fashion Week

Some of the most notable trends were things we had been noticing ourselves before Fashion Week.

Leather, lace, geometric patterns and stripes, and bright colors were all on display on the runway.

We couldn’t help but notice the similarity to our Tweed Woven

Bright colors, especially blue are the new go to pop of color against the variety of grays.


Leather, leather and lace.  Leather is such staple of design and fashion forward thinking – it is no surprise to see it continually being used in new ways to stay in the forefront of fashion.

We talked about the leather and lace trend a couple weeks ago as well

Sass & Bide

A shift from the norm of black as the central color/non-color, white was the most visible color.

You can read more about the NYC Fashion Week at USA Today’s wrap up