Fall Fashion - Leather and Lace

We have been taking some time to look back, but are excited to now turn our eyes to what’s next.

Looking just barely ahead to the Fall fashion trends.

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We’ve talked before about Fashion/Interiors cycle, so we are excited to see how these fashion trends start to influence interiors.

Lace Weave1 (1280x853)


Fall Fashion Trend for 2013, you will be seeing lots of lace.  And often the subtle delicacy of lace will be coupled with the weight and suppleness of leather.


Icon, Beyonce, is one of many leading the front on this trend, see more about this look here, Fashbo.

And Townsend has been right along on this fashion ride, with one of our newest introductions, a Gaufraged and Tipped Nubuck leather, we are calling Lace Weave.

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The woven lace look is prominent in fashion forward designs, more on these looks from WWD

Lace Trend Cynthia SteffeLace Weave2 (1280x853)

Lace Weave9 (1280x882)

Vegas Magazine tells about the dual side of lace and the fashion impact,

and shows a bit of the fall fashion influence lace has had on accessories as well.

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  No matter how you use it, in fashion, accessories, interiors, you are sure to see a lot of lace influence this fall.

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Lace Weave3 (1280x853)

Pictured here is Townsend Leather’s brand new Nubuck Gaufrage and Tipped Lace Weave selection, available in Charcoal, Old Lace, Chocolate, Red Hot red, and Nautical Blue colors.  Or your own custom color.

Samples will be available soon, contact us today at to get first in line for yours.