The Fashion, Interiors Cycle

We recently saw an article discussing the influence Fashion has on home interiors and it struck a chord with us.  We have long seen related industries influencing and inspiring each other.  At Townsend, we often look to the Fashion Industry, and elsewhere, for color inspiration with our new collections.

We’ve also been witness to interior design trends traveling to the fashion world.  There has been a recent growing interest in the hand-crafted design feel, most notable in the popularity of Kuba and Ikat style prints.  

With their start in the textile industry, gaining popularity in high-end interiors, those styles have now become popular in high fashion.

We won’t be surprised to see a rise in the popularity of “texture-ized” patterns and embossed looks throughout fashion and interiors in the coming seasons.

We’re certainly seeing the design trend growing with luxury interiors.

Fashion isn’t the only place we see influence, inspiration, and idea sharing – but that’s another story we’ll leave for another day …