In the Giving Spirit

Still high on a good vibes from last week and
all our Thankful feelings (click here to see our thankful list),
Townsend Leather started in on a month long exploration of the giving spirit.

IMG_3502 (1600x1067)

Every year Townsend Leather “adopts” a local family in need.
We help to raise money (click here to see pics of our Chili CookOff) and gifts to make their Christmas, during a hard time in their life, extra special.

A small group of big-hearted Townsend partners, took their lunch time today to wrap up the first batch of gifts for the family.

IMG_3493 (1067x1600)

IMG_3496 (1067x1600)

IMG_3501 (1600x1067)

IMG_3497 (1600x1067)

IMG_3498 (1600x1067)

IMG_3499 (1600x1067)

IMG_3500 (1600x1067)  

IMG_3503 (1600x1067)

IMG_3504 (1600x1067) Townsend partners also got started on our annual Toys For Tots collection.
We are looking to break our record and collect more than 5 over-flowing-ly full boxes.

IMG_3506 (1067x1600)

And all over the office and production we are starting to see signs of Holiday fun and spirit…

Christmas tress with Deer toppers…

IMG_3512 (1067x1600)

Handmade (and beautifully designed) leather stockings…

IMG_3507 (1600x1067)

IMG_3508 (1600x1067)

Incredible craftsmanship!

IMG_3509 (1600x1067)

And some lights to add to the jolly feeling…

IMG_3510 (1600x1067)

IMG_3513 (1600x1067)

The ol’ Silver and Gold always seems to show up a bit more this time of year in production.
Shown here, some in-process Gold Leather.

IMG_3515 (1600x1067)

There is sure more to come from Townsend’s Holiday festivities, decorations and giving spirit.

“Like” us on Facebook and you may even get to be a recipient of Townsend’s giving spirit!
Winky Face!  More on that to come soon…