Townsend Leather is THANKFUL!

This week, Townsend has been focused on giving thanks!  Everyone is anxiously looking forward to Thanksgiving and having some time to spend with family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving from Townsend Leather

We each took a minute to quickly share something we are thankful for, and what started as a thought here and there – snowballed with everyone’s un-containable feelings of thanks and gratitude, and we ended up getting a list that nearing 200 sentiments of thanks from many of the Townsend Partners.

Townsend Leather sincerely wishes you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday, we are very thankful to have such great customers, partners, suppliers and fans.  Thank you!

Everyone loves lists, especially top ten lists, but we couldn’t narrow this one down at all, they are all great things to be thankful for!  Here’s a look at some of the things Townsend Leather Partners are thankful for in 2013, it’s long, but we encourage you to browse through it all, there are some real gems in there, and for sure something you can relate to!:

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Having a good job with caring coworkers!

Good health.
Having a Mother-In-Law who is cancer free.

Hand knit hats.

Duck Dynasty.

Chocolate with bacon in it.

Kids who are fitting in nicely in their new school.

Venison in the freezer.

Breakfast buffets with giant pans of bacon.
All my blessings.

The health and happiness of all Townsend Partners.
Profitability, Sales, and future growth.

My children.

My husband.
My family.

A great company to work for.
New software.

Having a job and being able to come to work every day and help support my family.

The good health of most of my family and friends, and good news on a sick family member.
Friends that make me laugh.

The ability to come to a job every day that I love (most of the time) and work with great people.
Warm days and hot baths.

The improvements my daughter has made at school.

(As always) My health, friends and family and their well-being.
The support and love of my husband and immediate and extended family.

Many good memories made with friends this year and the celebration of some happy occasions, such as weddings.
I Will really be Thankful when the new software is up and running smoothly and I can have a life again! :)

Every new day and the possibilities it brings.
A warm place at night and the comforts of home.

Having a job and the great people that I work for.
Very caring and supportive people who are always willing to offer a hand to help when needed.

My loving family and friends.
Dreams coming true.

Family – far and near.

Dedicated team members.
All of Townsend’s reps, all over the world.

The opportunity to Dare Greatly with the people of Townsend.

People who not only care for each other but, for the people around them.

Townsend partners, even the ones not in the building, that make everything better.
Sweater weather.

Courteous people who open doors when you have your hands full, people who help you up when you fall.
2 sweet girls.

Great family.
Cancer miracles.

The smell of bacon cooking.


Family to love.
Co-workers’ spirit and passion.

Conquering something that seemed impossible.
A great company to work at every day.

Having such a loving family & supportive friends as I embark on a new chapter of my life. Change isn’t always easy but I’ve decided to look to the past with fond memories and look to the future with a positive attitude and a smile! :)


High Fives.

A nod of approval.
Everyone’s different abilities and talents.

My 2 sweet little girls who have grown into 2 strong, smart, compassionate, independent women.

My health and the health of my children.
Putting bacon on a salad.

Taking deep breaths of clean air.
Taking deep breaths of bacon scented air.

Working and living in a place with such beautiful natural surroundings.
Working at a place that treats me like family while doing a job I love.

I-tunes and Pandora!

Mashed Potatoes.

Apple Pie and wonderful people to share it with.

That fun whooshy noise that happens when the front office door is closing.

Thankful for my Friends that have helped me through a very difficult year.
The great Family I work for.

The New York Giants.
A good company to work for.

Good peers.
Being cold but knowing it could be worse, at least I am indoors.

Great bosses.
Marco the Terrier.

Live music.
Being able to walk away from really terrible smells.

New family.
New home.

The sounds of bacon cooking.
Flexible and creative minded people.

All of my loving family and friends.
New recognition programs.

Good managers.

Bright colors.
Good books.

Dropping 30 pounds.
Being fit and active.

Consistent work and the opportunity to advance my career.
My beautiful and full of life daughter!

The opportunity to work at Townsend Leather with such amazing people.
Finding new ways and new ideas.

Chairs with wheels on them.


My son.
My wife.

Baked potatoes bacon on them.
Facial Hair.

Having feet that I can walk on.

The smell of leather.

The feel of leather.
Working with a phenomenal bunch of people who treat each other like family.

Townsend Leather and all the people that make it what it is.



Changing into dry socks.
Health Care.

Listening to people discuss, if it is called Dressing or Stuffing
The future.

Making turkey pictures from tracing your hand.

The giant Kermit balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


Effective Communication.

Family, Friends, joy, and comfort and having all of that right where I work everyday.  I am beyond THANKFUL for Townsend Leather and all the people connected to Townsend Leather.  

What are you thankful for?
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