Unstoppable Design with Textured Taj and Townsend Leather

Unstoppable Design with Textured Taj Cowhide & Townsend Leather


Textured Taj Cowhide, inspired by breathtaking landmarks worldwide, this leather is expertly embossed with a natural-looking pebble texture that provides consistency in grain structure throughout the hide, resulting in a superior cutting yield, and outstanding wear performance.

The lustrous pearlescent metallic finish highlights this dimensional texture beautifully and adds to the super softness and durability.

Textured Taj is just one example of how Townsend can make your designs unstoppable.  Whatever you design dream, Townsend can help make it happen.

– Tight deadlines won’t stop you, with our hundreds of in-stock options.
– Creativity won’t stop you, with our endless custom capabilities, we are the manufacturer so we can custom craft any idea you have.
– Inspiration won’t stop you, with our mix-and-match
sample options to get leather rin your hands and your designs moving. 

Standard and Made-to-Order colors can be crafted of Textured Taj or nearly any Townsend product, to your exact specifications to meet your design desires, budget needs, and lead times.

To make your design unstoppable, contact us at: info@townsendleather.com