As the premier manufacturer of fine leather, our team of leather professionals has hundreds of years of collective leather expertise.  We are the manufacturer and are driven by a passion for leather, so are always exploring what can be done with leather and can provide leather solutions for any leather dream.  

Your leather dream is our dream leather.

Whether it is making the perfect color match or getting the sheen, temper, or feel just right, we can do it.  Or maybe you are looking for specialty techniques, one of a kind embossing, or luxurious quilted leather, or performance leather with perforation, or laser etched with your logo, or digitally printed artwork pieces, or patterned foil leathers to enchant the eye, or hand-woven leather, or getting perfectly cut patterns for your large upholstery project… Townsend’s leather capabilities are endless.  

For more information on how we can custom craft your leather dream, email