Townsend Leather believes there are stories everywhere.

Stories, like floating word bubbles, that should be collected, enjoyed, and shared like the beautiful, attention-grabbing balloons that they are.

Stories Everywhere… this is our company theme for 2018.

We believe that every person who touches a hide of our leather, in and outside of Townsend, has a compelling story and a gift to offer in the sharing of it. 

We believe in stories of passion, of growth, of design, of craft. 

We believe that our customers create stories with their designs and that our leather helps them do this.  We believe every aircraft interior, every hotel lobby, every living room, provides the perfect setting for more stories to unfold around the leather chosen.  

At the center of our story at Townsend is our passion for making leather.  We love making leather that brings out the best in each hide and interior design.     

As you sit with your friends and families all throughout 2018, we invite you to take a moment and share your stories with us – the stories of your work, your triumphs, your designs using leather, and the beautiful world you create with these designs . . . and we will share our stories, too, right here at

Share your stories to us through this simple form, and check back often to see what new stories we have added!


Collecting your stories, of design, of leather, of anything!

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    • This can be anything. A story of how you came up with your design/a story of inspiration, a story of working with Townsend/a story of glory, a story of a memory of yours/a story of time, a story that you love, a funny story, a heartfelt story, anything you want to share – we want to collect…