Part of the secret to Townsend Leather’s success for over 50 years has been its heart-driven values. We pride ourselves not just in producing the highest quality leather, but in making sure our customers understand exactly what our company ethics are all about: values.

Our “Specialized Craftspeople in Partnership” Icon.   ↑ 

A simple design,
but it stands for something.

It stands for us, all of us at Townsend. A succinct and powerful representative morsel scooped out of our company mission statement, Specialized Craftspeople in Partnership.

This is us. This work is not for everyone. It takes special people.
To craft the world’s greatest upholstery leather takes specialization. It is something taught, learned, hard-earned.
It is a craft. Our work is special.

What we create is special. It is revered as the best, the leather to have, the leather that can make or break someone’s project. It is special and it is crafted by specialized people.

And it is especially special, because we do it in partnership.
We are full in all this together. Our successes are all of our successes, our failures are all of our failures. We do this for our customers, we do it for our suppliers, we do it for each other. We bear this message with pride.
Pride at being Townsend,
pride at being specialized,
pride at our craft.

But especially, pride at being in partnership, together.

Our Values and Mission statements have guided our business practices through both good and bad economic times.  To us, it not only reflects our organization’s vision and guiding values, but also serves as our benchmark for success. It inspires all those involved in Townsend Leather to give their very best.

Mission Statement

Townsend Leather is a company of specialized craftspeople, in partnership with customers, suppliers, and other fellow partners dedicated to producing superior quality products and services to ensure the success and fulfillment of all partners.

Townsend and all its Partners hold the following values as essential to achieving this mission:










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