Townsend Values

For 50 years Townsend has been guided by values. 

By a sense of team, family, grit, and growth and all that encompasses.  This year we build on our long-standing foundational values, to vocalize, embrace, and cement three new values. 

Townsend Partners together have established the list of values seen, valued, and carried by each of us as:

  • GRIT


After careful consideration and observation, we are proud to grow this list and add 3 new values that our Partners have always recognized in each other and in what makes Townsend great.  We now take the additional celebratory step to formally add them to our Townsend Leather Cornerstone Values list:

  • CARE

We closed 2018 out by looking forward and celebrating the people, moments, ideas, and values that make Townsend amazing.  This marked a significant moment in Townsend’s history to turn our attention to Partners that embody these values and could help crystalize what they mean to Townsend for all of us. 


Larissa introduced the new Townsend value of LEARN to the team, brining it to life through examples and explanation giving us a definition to incorporate and build upon:


An openness to new experiences, experiments, and ideas with willingness to embrace failure, try again, and spread knowledge. 


Ian put the idea of OWNERSHIP into our bodies, where we could viscerally feel the sense of urgency and importance this pinnacle value means, has meant, and needs to mean to Townsend with a definition of:


Assuming responsibility for each issue, challenge, and opportunity to ensure the success and fulfillment of all partners.


And in true caring-style, Rebecca, Margaux, Pam, and AJ crafted the idea of care right in our hearts as a team.  Expressing one of the most recognizable Townsend values, with a caring definition:


Putting Townsend’s values at the heart of all relationships, being mindful of partners, customers, and our work through practicing empathy and generosity. 


50 years of craft and care have led us to this list of recognized and honored Townsend values, our next 50 years will be even better through our attention, growth, and cultivation of these values in ourselves and each other.  We proudly look forward to seeking and celebrating so many moments of values-in-action at Townsend in 2019 and beyond.