Pride 🏳️‍🌈 2024

All are welcome here.

This Pride month, Townsend Leather celebrated inclusivity and did it in the bast way, together.

Townsend has always stood for togetherness and each year Pride month is a moment for us to put specific focus on how we include, how we support, and how we make ourselves visible to those who are so often pushed to the outsides and marginalized.

We put pride in our hands and on our walls with new “All are welcome here” pens and plenty of posters.

Everything was kicked off at a boiling hot summer fest next to the pond on our campus.

Being visible, being loud, being together… matters. We are proud to have pride.

Townsend Leather has been a supporter of the Trevor Project,, and annual supporters of the HRC,, for many years. And we are proud to have earned the titles of Top Work Place and Best Place to Work for so many years and we know that part of why we earn those awards is that we have committed to creating a workplace that is supportive and inclusive.

Pride is visibility, pride is community, pride is resilience. Our celebration of the rainbow is a simple but meaningful action, to show we are here visibly in community, together.