Setbacks & Successes

Covid-19 has impacted all parts of the design and leather industries, and some of those impacts are pilling up to create unique challenges.  One of those being, changes to workflow within the process and the workflow from the supply chain.  
Over the next couple of weeks, it is possible some orders will be delayed.  Throughout the circuitry that keeps the Townsend Leather leather-loving-machine running at full speed, we have seen unprecedented disruptions.  Shipping carriers and raw material suppliers have had weeks delays in processing material and providing it along. 
Our team has been facing their own challenges with a handful of close cases at our door, we took extra precautions for our team’s utmost health and safety.  Many of our team took time to quarantine at home, out of an effort to take every step we can at ‘stopping the spread’ and keeping everyone safe.   We took extra time for cleaning and care of our facility and put the time and brainpower into setting ourselves up for success when the usual flow returns.  
We have been heartfeltidly focused on health, safety, and forward-thinking.  These times call for action, but we have always aimed to think bigger and further than just reaction.  We think of what’s next and build to that.  So while many pieces are out of our control, we turn our energy to what we can control and make the strongest action and best steps forward there.  
Because of disruptions to our workflow and material flow, we may have a couple of weeks delays in processing orders, but you can be assured when they arrive they will have been poured over by our team.  They will be some of the most love-crafted orders we have ever made.  
We love what we do, we are ready and poised to get crafting at full capacity again. 
We will be restructuring our team’s schedule to create a continuous flow of work at hand, working hard and smart in overtime.  
Even through setbacks, we find success, we find opportunity, we find we can rely on our love for leather, design, and working as a team to get us through.  

As always, we have In-Stock leather on our shelves ready for your designs.  So if speed is of critical importance, browse our vast selection of in-stock leathers to find what we can ship you right now.  

If you have any questions about your order or an order you hope to place in the next couple of weeks, contact us: Because we ARE the manufacturer, there is almost always a solution we can custom-craft for your needs.  
We are not defined by proximity, by the work we do, by the danger we face… we are defined by the values we display in times of strife. 
We aim, to be defined, by being Partners, together
And we sincerely thank you for joining us in partnership during this time.
– Townsend Leather