Looking forward!


The impact of covid will be felt still for years to come, in tangible ways like shipping difficulties and supply chains, and in invisible ways like in our hearts as we each carry the heavy weight of the death and emotional toll this global pandemic wreaked upon us all.  



Townsend has always been a forward-looking and positive-focused company, so we are excited for a brighter future and this moment in the present for reflection and celebration.  70% of New York staters have been vaccinated, which means we can confidently remove some restrictions.  We can feel a moment of peace in knowing we have turned a corner.  


VISITORS: Due to a high level of vaccinations, great actions of so many people looking out for each other, and improved circumstances, we are now fully open to thoughtfully-scheduled visits.  Go to to schedule a visit.  

SHIPPING/BOOKING:  Lingering impacts from covid will burden the industry for a long time to come, but with our team’s careful foresight, experienced aptitude, and impassioned care for providing to our customers – we can now confidently book orders to ship in 5-6 weeks for new production.

We also always have In-Stock leather on our shelves ready for your designs.  So if even greater speed is of critical importance, browse our vast selection of in-stock leathers to find what we can ship you right now.  

Each year we take one week to exclusively focus on maintenance and reproduction reinvigoration, so once again Townsend will be closed for production on Monday, July 5 through Friday, July 9, returning on July 12.  Our office, for orders, samples, communication, and the other plethora of things our Customer Service team can do for you, will remain open through that week.  



But, there is no going “back to normal”.  The world has changed and we have changed along with it.  Some of the hardest challenges we have faced and some of the proudest moments have all occurred over the past 15 months.  We have grown and learned and we know, the best way forward is to take stock of what we experienced, note what we learned, and apply it forward.

Our hard-wrought lessons will guide us to even better days ahead.  Improved communication, even greater tools at hand, enhanced processing, new efficient and exciting machinery, cleaning and safety enhancements… all are things that we delved into and will reap benefits from for still years to come.  



While we continue to grow and continue to learn, we are putting our lessons into practice.  Our covid-specific-magnified-

safety restrictions are being removed because it is now safe, but our learning and enhancements that have come from this time will always be in place.  Therefore, we are excited to say, we are now fully open to thoughtfully-scheduled visitors.  

Come for a tour, come for a visit, come for learning – just submit an appointment form to get scheduled.



Through hard times, good times, distance, or closeness, we are always together in partnership.  

If you have any questions about your order or an order you hope to place in the next couple of weeks, contact us: Because we ARE the manufacturer, there is almost always a solution we can custom-craft for your needs.  
We are not defined by proximity, by the work we do, by the danger we face… we are defined by the values we display in times of strife and we aim, to be defined, by being Partners, together
And we sincerely thank you for joining us in partnership through this time.
– Townsend Leather