Get Sh*t Done!

Content warning: Strong Language ahead


Get Shit Done

It is a bold statement.  Not one for everyone, not one for every situation, but a statement embodied wholly by Townsend Leather Partners. 


The ‘Get Shit Done’ ideology is not flippant, or casual, or offensive – it is a heartfelt full-in proclamation of taking action, with mind, body, and heart.  Going all-in with passion and thought, not giving up until it is complete.  That is who Townsend is, that is what we are made of.  We have been lovingly passionate about our Get Shit Done attitude for years, as you can see in this quick lookback-video of “GSD” photos from days gone by (maskless photos are from pre-pandemic).  


Get it done.
Get it done best.
Get it done right.

You have to be smart, quick, and effective in order to Get Shit Done.
You have to be thoughtful, patient, and responsible to Get Shit Done.

You can’t just do shit, you have to get it done, get it done right, get it done better, get it done best. That is what Townsend Leather Partners do and is why we can wear this bold statement shirt with pride.

Our most popular and iconic shirt is now available to purchase:


When you do buy one, you get to support Townsend Leather Partners-in-need at the same time.  The sale of these shirts helps to fund our ever-in-need, ‘Hides of Hope’ Partner support system, funded by Townsend Leather Partners for Townsend Leather Partners.


These shirts have been requested and worn by Townsend Leather fans, Partners, and customers across the entire globe. 

The phrase ‘Get Shit Done’ has become synonymous with Townsend Leather’s work ethic – a team of people dedicated to getting the job done right no matter what is needed.  Surpassing customer’s expectations, overcoming every obstacle, and doing the necessary work with pride and passion.


You can ‘get shit done’ in your work, while showing it off to the world, supporting Townsend Leather Partners, and maybe you will find your own bit of Townsend magic to inspire you in your day to create awesome, make it happen, and get it done.  

If you want to join a team that takes pride in our work and is comfortable making big claims and bold words, join us by applying:    Job Opportunities