Customized Leather Solutions

Customize with Townsend Leather.  The leader in leather solutions.  |

A celebration of our customized solutions.
We are the manufacturer, so customization is second nature to us.  

That natural approach to customization means we can provide you the perfect solution for all your client’s vision and expectations, with ease, quality, & comfort, while staying within your budget.  

Our unlimited sampling options from custom archives, high-quality standards, and exceptional customer service makes the process, from dream to reality, seamless & delightful.

We are craftspeople & artisans of leather.

Our leather professionals are experts at understanding the many nuances of leather from start to finish.
The craft of customization is at the heart of all we do.

  • In-stock leather options for immediate shipment 
  • 1 hide (55 sf) minimum orders
  • Custom Strike-offs
  • Custom patterns, colors, techniques, sheens… in 4-5 weeks
  • Highly decorative leathers for specialty pieces

At Townsend Leather, we have a passion for leather, luxury, and design. Our design-driven philosophy allows us to offer creative and innovative leathers along with virtually unlimited opportunities for customization. 

Drawing on over 50 years of experience working with designers in the residential, hospitality, contract, aviation, and transportation markets around the world, we use our expertise and skill to provide top-of the-line leathers that are as unique as each of our customers.

With In-Stock options, custom-crafting expertise, and the near-endless capabilities at our disposal since we are the manufacturerwe are able to provide the perfect leather for any design dream. 

This simple celebration of customized leather solutions from Townsend Leather is also available as a physical piece.  If you want one to complete your designer resources, contact us at to request a customized leather solutions mailer.