2020 Link Extravaganza!

A Link Extravaganza!  

As a way to look back on our 2020 at Townsend Leather, we offer this quick lookbook of sorts, a glance at some significant shares of Townsend’s from our 2020 year… a PDF bursting with information and beauty at what we do and who we are. 

In this clickable photomag, you will see a message from our President Jared Eckler, some New Product Launches like our Into the Wild Mini Collection and new Manchester In-Stock, a peek into the beauty of our Instagram account, a nod to the many new capabilities we have refined this year (Digital Printing, Quilting, Laser Etching, Enhanced Embossing…) as well as the many new machines and improvements we’ve made throughout our buildings and processes.  You’ll also get to see even more of who we are through our library of YouTube Videos, awards, and Facebook fun.  And of course, through the craziness of our collective 2020, we have still been finding ways to keep our Socially Distant Social Club active, and you’ll see all the shared items here, from recipes to books.  It’s been a strange and full year, incredibly difficult in many ways, but beautiful and wonderful in others. 

Join us on this little clickable trek through the past few months. And again, thank you. 
View in our PDF viewer below, or click here to download. 

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A Gift To You

Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

We hope to spread joy and inspiration as we make your digital workspace even more beautiful with custom-crafted computer desktop backgrounds.  A leathery image to serve as a place for you to rest your eyes, and stare off into, while contemplating your complicated work. 

To get the full-size image:

  • CLICK on the image below ↓ (desktop or mobile version)
  • RIGHT-CLICK on the image that opens in your new tab
  • Now the image is on your computer and ready for you to set it as your desktop image. 

For any Technical/Download questions or issues, email us at:

For any product, Townsend, leather, samples, just-want-to-chat… questions or issues, email us at:

Computer Desktop Background:

Mobile Background: