We love what we do, who we do it for, and who we do it withand we love having the opportunity to share all that love.  



A touch of heart.

At our heart, Townsend is about craft, we are about craftspeople, we are about relationship and community, we are about integrity and quality. 

There’s an element of real passion between our people and the product we make that can’t be manufactured. It develops from being present with the leather, looking at it, inspecting it, touching it, knowing the depth and the history of that piece to make it perfect.





This month of love, we are honored to share with you, a touch of our heart.  Everything we do at Townsend requires a team, a team of hands.  Coming together around our collective heart to create something magical.  Of the many reasons to love leather, one of our favorites is the touch.  The feel of the weight as a hide is masterfully thrown out onto a table, the sense of your fingers sliding across the surface connecting with the grain, the touch of elegance it brings to a design, the connection you feel to the hands that crafted it and the hands that loved it. 

While nothing is the same as holding a hide of leather in your hand or being physically present to the wizardry of crating those hides, we hope this brief video brings you a little closer to feeling our passion and what it is like to be part of Townsend Leather, we hope you feel a little touch of heart from us to you, in the things we are so passionate and heart-filled about.  

If it moves you enough to want to get your own hands & touch on the process and be here with us as we craft, let us know!
We are always excited to have visitors. 

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