Stock, Customs, Production...

Taking a moment to see where we are.  


Townsend Leather is so happy to be in full swing again.  For a few weeks now, we have had full production up and running.  We have been pushing out lots of in-stock leathers and crafting all kinds of customs.  It feels good to get our hands back on what we love doing.  

Our team relishes a challenge and though distancing and masks are different, they do not hinder our team.  With daily health assessments, critically monitored cleaning, six feet distance, and masks… we have been able to not just get back to work, but do so while feeling safe and therefore thrive!  

Our dedication to each other has only grown through this time.  With a Partner of ours facing some serious health issues, we banded together for small group, socially distant, story-swapping, and fund-raising lunches, in the end raising $4000 for a Partner in need.  

We love crafting leather and custom pieces is something we excel in.  We’ve taken time in the past weeks to find even more places that we could enhance efficiency and work to delight our customers even more.  If you have ever wanted to know more about our custom strike-offs process, “take a peek inside the passion” in our newest casual video clip (below). 

Sisters and VP’s of Townsend Leather, Sarah and Tricia, take you on a brief walkthrough of the process.  With our full team geared up and ready, our passion for leather stoked, and our processes even more refined – we are anxious to take your dreams to reality.  Contact us at to start your own custom strike-off dream journey.  


If you have a project in the works or just in dream stage, let us knowWe are taking orders, we have stock ready to ship, we are in full production – making leather with love.  

We are so grateful for the outpouring and continued message of love and support that we have received from so many customers and Townsend Leather fans over the past months.  We are so grateful we have the tools, resources, team, and action-minded leadership to put us in a position where we can confidently and healthfully keep doing what we love. 

We would love to hear from you during this unprecedented time, meet us on Facebook: