Earth Day 2020

50 years ago the first Earth Day was celebrated.  A lot has changed since then, a lot has changed this year, a lot had changed just the past couple of weeks!  Townsend Leather has always strived to make a positive environmental impact and this year is no different.  We didn’t celebrate the way we had planned, but being flexible and dedicated to our values, we still celebrated.  

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose, then Recycle and HUG A TREE, literally.  

In these times, we are all missing the opportunity to hug or high-five each other, so why not instead – HUG A TREE!  

All through our annual Earth Week we got out and hugged trees, just taking time to be present in nature.  Taking a moment to celebrate and wonder at this big beautiful earth.   

Our Earth Day this year was about honoring and celebrating what we have.  There is so much we could think about and focus on, of what we don’t have.  

But this day, this Earth Week, we focused on being comforted in knowing of the glorious nature that surrounds us, the beauty of Earth, the wonder of nature.  

We took a moment to breathe fresh air and put our hands into dirt, our backs against the trunk of a tree, feel the wind on the hairs of our arms, finding a fresh bud just poking out of a branch and holding it in our fingers to study it for a long long minute.  Closing our minds to all the ills and worries of the world, turning our phone to do not disturb, and just being present with nature – for a moment.  

Perfectly Pebbled is perfectly “green”

Our luxurious and IN STOCK Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide is an Environmentally Friendly Product.  
Inspired by the natural highs and lows in beautiful stone pathways, Perfectly Pebbled In-Stock Cowhide reminds us to take comfort in a slow stroll along the riverbank while embracing earth’s beauty around us.  Helping to connect the outdoors to the indoors and establish a more approachable feel to any space, these 13 warm earth-tone hues are available in-stock for immediate shipment. 
If you would like a virtual look into this new collection to see each color and learn more about Perfectly Pebbled, contact us to see up a time!

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Perfectly Pebbled Cowhide, as seen in Business Jet Interiors Magazine:



Townsend & The Environment

Our process is environmentally friendly from beginning to end starting with our hide selection and raw material. We are transforming a product into a reusable, repairable, high quality, and long-lasting product.