Our passion for leather runs deep and we love being an American Made company with roots and history in our local community going back hundreds of years.  The leather-stocking region of New York birthed Townsend Leather over 50 years ago and we still love the beauty and resources we are surrounded by in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains of our Townsend Leather campus which lead to that moment.  

We are proud to be a Mortarr partner and be part of their inspiration and showcase broadcast, especially as we are a featured company in their American Made spotlight,

Townsend Leather is a “glass-half-full” type of place and so we feel strongly about the need for changes and growth – but we look to the future with hope and optimism. 
Our American Made sensibility drives our pride for freedom in voting, in expressing, in hope.  We are looking forward to a United States that is even more united for humans, for equality, for future.  
Togetherness is a cornerstone element of Townsend Leather, it is what we have leaned on since the beginning of this pandemic and it is what we will lean on to grow and learn and listen, on into the future.  

This 4th of July we invite you to find your own Togetherness celebration, it might not be physically with everyone you usually spend the 4th with, it might look and feel different, but togetherness can carry a sense of strength and hope and pride in it – when you focus on hope and growth and future.  

Here’s to hand-crafted beauty!

Here’s to celebrations!

Here’s to the USA!

Here’s to freedom and voting and future!

Here’s to togetherness!