As we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year and look back over Townsend Leather’s lush history, it is humbling and moving to see all that we share this anniversary year with… the Beatles last performance, the Moon Landing, Woodstock… and the catalyst event to establish Pride month

Townsend has long been a force of love and connection, as seen in our work, our people and on our shirts, billboards, and banners emblazoned with our All Are Welcome symbol and the philosophy behind that symbol being a cornerstone-value of how we work.  And as expressed on International Women’s Day, “We take the challenges of pushing the boundaries of leather, production, and culture seriously.  We are heartfelt intent on balance, growth, and innovation for all, especially those that face marginalization and unfair barriers“.  Therefore, we feel a sense of reverence and respect at sharing our anniversary-year with such a powerfully important movement.  

The Stonewall Riots happened 50 years ago in nearby-to-Townsend, New York City, and out of the strength, bravery, and action of those that stood up – grew the necessary and powerful annual LGBTQ+ focused Pride Month.  

This month, especially, we honor those groundbreakers and pioneers who came before to get us where we are today, as a more united group of humans.  There is still work to do.  

We look to the bright future and those who will do incredible things, and look forward to ways we can support and grow rights for all humans.  

While we celebrate 50 historical years along with millions of others for various reasons, we also put emphasis on stitching together our past with our future.  Our focus on the future gives us motivation to narrow in on youth and the challenges young LGBT face.  So we proudly support the work and mission of the Human Rights Campaign, with a donation in honor of these significant 50 years. Proud to help “create an inclusive learning environment for [all] students”.  


It is thought-provoking to recognize, just 4 years ago we were celebrating the Supreme Court ruling that made same-sex marriage a nation-wide right…

A 4th of July to Celebrate!

It is uplifting to imagine the many more movements and growth that we can collectively celebrate in the coming years.  And we will be there in the ways we can, supporting and being an ally, creating a company-culture based on respect, inclusion, and growth… and of course doing it in the most color-filled way we can! 🏳️‍🌈

As passionate expert color-crafters, our Sample Set Boxes are always explosions of color, but our Pride-Month Rainbow 🌈 Pride Box is especially colorfilled.  Contact us at to add one to your library.

And we would be remiss if we did not highlight one of our newest designer-driven, Pride-complimentary products, Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide.  

The strong Ruby, vibrant Curry, eye-grabbing Emerald, and daring Cobalt colors seamlessly blend into our rainbow collection.  And with its strong linear embossed pattern, it brings to mind the bold stripes of a flag.  Timeless, bold, self-assured, and complimentary – Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide is a delightful Color-Trend highlight for Townsend Leather this Pride month of June.  

Contact us for Stacy Garcia Bond Cowhide samples, a Rainbow Pride Sample Box, or anything else.