International Women's Day

Townsend Leather is a Women In Business Focused company and we are proud to celebrate the equal balancing, smart and innovative, change efforts being focused on this year, on International Women’s Day.

“Women belong in all places where decisions are being made… It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Townsend is fundamentally built on challenging the status quo, always looking – instead of what is easy and done before, to what is best for our customers and what is best for our people – even if that means working harder to get there.  We take the challenges of pushing the boundaries of leather, production, and culture seriously.  We are heartfelt intent on balance, growth, and innovation for all, especially those that face marginalization and unfair barriers.

So, this International Women’s Day we celebrate our focus on Women In Business.

A critical element of Townsend Leather’s success, is it’s focus on putting decision making power in the hands of all. The small randomly selected Townsend Leather Partners shown in the photos above, as well as all Townsend Leather Partners are instilled with a sense of responsibility and direction-influencing power.  Every team, club, or task-force at Townsend includes women voices, because as the Notorious RBG has said, women belong at the decision – not just impacted by it.



Our President, Jared Eckler, kicked off our International Women’s Day focus with a series of Facebook photos and posts, celebrating some of the women of Townsend:


But, for us, International Women’s Day is not a casual holiday, it points to a fundamental idea of Townsend Leather and is something we will be building on each day.  This is a an ongoing story for us, so check back to see the actions we take and the way we build it, together.


We will be featuring stories of inspiring Townsend women over the coming months.  But we want to hear from you too, share the story of the women who have inspired you with us:

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