Earth Day 2019

Once again, Townsend took time this Earth Day to beautify the Townsend campus and all the surrounding areas.  One of the exciting things for Townsend’s near future is our growth into an additional building, lovingly called “The Stitch”.  This building is just a short walk from our current home base and we can get there through a restored and carefully maintained trail, The Rail Trail.  

We took some time as a group to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and then got to work cleaning everything in sight.  Spread across many areas in many directions, some cleaned up the greenery around Townsend, some took the walk to The Stitch and cleaned along the way.  

Earth Day, can be a time for big actions and hearty moments of change.  But it can also be a day to breathe, and look, smell, feel, listen… to truly and deeply appreciate the glory of nature, the beauty of our earth and the beauty of the area right frickin here – where we workWe loved getting outside, enjoying the beautiful Townsend campus, and enjoying our great mother earth. 

Earth day is always a meaningful day for us and is an important part of the Townsend way. 

Townsend’s Environmental Statement


Townsend is a Proud Member of the USGBC