Get Out / Get Green

Townsend is proud of our environmental impact and are continually striving to make it even more positive.  This past Earth Day we, once again, held an annual Townsend-Team celebration of the Earth and green-goodness.  Our focus this year was to get outside and really connect to the beauty of nature.  

We encouraged all Townsend Partners to wander the Townsend campus, picking up trash, breathing the fresh air, taking in the wonder of the natural welcoming green spots that Townsend has to offer.  

“Earth Day is a chance to do something that will make a positive environmental impact, and the first step to making positive change is – to get outside and enjoy nature’s beauty, appreciate the areas we have, and get in touch with our outdoorsy selfs.”

The Townsend campus has so much greenery to offer, we turned it into a bit of a game/scavenger hunt.  Partners went out for walks in groups and searched out 6 different marked “Green Spots” where they could deposit any trash they found on their way, could read some interesting Green Facts, and pose for a green-centric selfie or group photo.  

Everyone got involved, even our favorite Earth-friend superhero, Captain Planet!

Green searchers even had a chance to win big ca$h prizes, just for getting out/getting green.  

From Townsend’s Facebook page:

“The Townsend Leather campus is loaded with beautiful, green, nature-filled areas. In honor of Earth Day, we have been getting outside and wandering the grounds for a “scavenger hunt” of ‘Green Spots and Photo Ops’. Captain Planet even stopped by! We at Townsend Leather take our responsibility to the Earth seriously and aim to make a positive environmental impact in the ways we do business and the grounds we maintain. We also take our responsibility to FUN seriously and make a game out of everything we can, especially if it means getting outside to see the Townsend Community Gardens, the outdoor break areas, the upper-lands meditative scenic outlook area, the pond, the pavilion, the flower gardens, and all the areas in between! Here are just a handful of the fun photos from today’s Get Out / Get Green event…

Townsend Partners, tag yourself and share your “Green Spot” Townsend photos! The power is yours! Happy Earth Day to you! And an even happier good-weather day!

At Townsend we love Earth Day and we love any reason to get outside and enjoy Earth’s beauty.”


We have so much greenery to love at Townsend, our pond, our pavilion, our upper meditation flat lands, our outdoor break area, our community garden, our deep woods walking path (complete with a beaver), the geese, the wandering deer… so much nature to love.

At Townsend we love Earth Day and we love any reason to get outside and enjoy Earth’s beauty.