Captivated by Captivating Crossroads

We are in love with our newest luxury leather, Captivating Crossroads Cowhide!

It is like a love letter to your design, serving as the strong faithful support as a subtle background when it needs to be, but it can also take the lead – make the first move, and be the star stand out.  With an interwoven line embossing and hand tone-on-tone tipping this is hand-crafted luxury at its finest.  

We invite you to be captivated by its beauty and take a sneak peek behind the scenes at some of it being made.  

This video shows just a couple of the hands-on steps in creating this masterpiece.

Since Love is in the air, please take a moment to revisit a handful of reasons to Love Leather.  Read it, share it, dwell on it, leather is soo easy to love.  

For the LOVE of Leather – The Complete Series