Health and Wellness Fair 2017

Townsend Leather recently held one of its newest and most popular events, our 2017 2nd Annual Health & Wellness Fair!  See all Townsend’s photos in the video link at the bottom of the post. 

This was a half day of fun, games, health, learning, and togetherness.  Townsend invited over 20 local health conscious companies from around the local area to share some time with our team and spread some good health vibes.  It is a big fun event for all of us and we aim to spread the good vibes of it even further into the community.  We were proud to get local support from so many in the community and even The Leader Herald!

See The Leader Herald’s article on Townsend’s Wellness Fair:


We shut down work early and ventured out into the beautiful Townsend campus grounds, into the greenery and pond and wandered through the multiple Health zones of the fair.  





Nathan Littauer Hospital had so much healthyness to share with us, physical, educational, mental… they were an excellent Partner to have in this event. 

See Nathan Littauer’s Facebook post and photos of the day: 

Bacon Bits the Therapy Pig even made an appearance and spent the day with us being pet and posing for photos: 

Townsend is focused on the health and well being of our Partners and our company and approach health from a truly holistic point of view, its more then just eating right and moving, its also mental, emotional, social, financial, and physical health – and at our fair we aim to have something that touches on each of those elements.  

This year also included the incredibly popular and heavily attended 1st Annual Volleyball Tournament! Volleyball was happening throughout the entire day and teams even had custom made t-shirts and plenty of attitude!

We love this event and are so looking forward to making it even bigger each year going forward.  

We are so thankful for all the companies and groups that came to Townsend to share their time and message with us! Thank you especially to:

Active and Well Chiropractic
Ally Health
Arbonne Anti Aging and Wellness Co.
Bacon Bits Therapy Pig
Cancer Peer Education
Catholic Charities
CDPHP Registered Nurse
Chair Massage
Community Health Care
COOL Insuring
Core Fit
Meco’s Perfect Scoop
Mohawk Medical
Nathan Littauer Hospital
NBT Bank
SW The Spa
TLC Cook’s tables
TLC Sales Table
Townsend Community Garden
Townsend HR Team signup
Townsend Recycles
Townsend Safety Committee
Prestige Services Donation
and more!

An incredible day with incredible people.  Thank you Townsend Leather Partners and everyone in our community for making this such an excellent event!

See all Townsend’s photos in this photo slideshow: