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2017 has already been a very colorful year!  We look forward to finding the beauty and colors to come for the rest of 2017.

Our expert crafts-team of color matchers is always on the look out for colors to create and they rely on our on-trend, in-the-industry, always-aware network of reps, customers, and fans to report back on color and design trends.

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For 2017 we loved browsing color-focused companies choices for their Colors of the Year.  Three stood out to us as especially on-trend and ready-to-use for stunning designs.

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Pantone, Greenery


Of course, the powerhouse of the color-world, Pantone, has shown off their Color Of The Year as “Greenery”.

This bright yet earthy color inspires a sense of refreshment and natural feeling.  Our team quickly got to work matching this color and compiling a collection of colors inspired by the color Greenery. Order Greenery Inspired Samples



Our team also went to work building additional collections, inspired by Pantone’s Color Pairing suggestions.

Benjamin Moore, Shadow


Benjamin Moore‘s Color of the Year choice sits almost in contrary reaction to Pantone’s.  Pantone’s bright and natural is here contrasted with more subtle and moody.  Playing off tones of purples, Shadow has depth and mystery.  Our compilation of Shadow inspired leathers shows the far reaching range this color can play with.  Order Shadow Inspired Samples


Sherwin-Williams, Poised Taupe


Poised Taupe is Sherwin-Williams‘ choice of Color of The Year.  Just as the name would suggest this color is calm and assured.  Poised Taupe fits with any design scheme, but doesn’t need to fade into the background.  Our team pulled together a dynamic yet reserved collection of Poised Taupe inspired leathers.  Order Poised Taupe Inspired Samples


If any of the leathers shown here spark an interest in you, contact us at to receive samples or more information.

Colors Of the year 2017