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The style-savvy expert Stacy Garcia, her team, and Townsend Leather are at it again with a full launch of two brand new leathers.

Both made of the finest quality, luxury, designer, upholstery leather and further enhanced with patterns and hand-crafted techniques.

These leathers are suitable for almost any application and bring a defined sense of designer sophistication to any project.

One-of-a-kind leathers with specialty hand-crafted techniques, utilizing the most stunning of patterns that are both on-trend and timeless, in colors that are endlessly pleasing.

Kinetic Cowhide features hand-drawn art as a multi-dimensional energetic pattern, pressed right into the leather, available in six energetic and enticing colorways.

Travel beyond the boundaries of traditional linework and flat planes with Kinetic, a non-directional and multi-dimensional design which radiates with a pulsating sense of energy.  This organic-inspired leather emboss is hand-tipped with a subtle sheen with beautifully highlights the raised surfaces of the pattern.


Resurfaced Cowhide showcases Townsend expert craftsmen and their highly refined tipping technique.  Hand-brushed lines applied to the surface give this leather dimension and unique beauty that are only accentuated by the soft and sophisticated mineral hues.

Experience the timeworn and aged appearance of Resurfaced, a hand-painted multi-layered design which renews and beautifies the leather’s natural grain surface.  Various colors hand-brushed in multiple shades are applied to each section of leather creating tonal depth and revealing a nuance that is rich yet subtle.

This video shows one of our expert craftsmen applying the Resurfaced hand-tipping technique.  The video is just a short snipet of the overall in-depth process.  Townsend’s craftsmen utilize various tools and techniques while working on specially tailored tables with the full sized leather hides. The process is time consuming and takes tremendous focus, overlapping brush strokes in just the right spots, getting the exact angle of the brush correct, getting the exact amount of coloring on the brush tips, brush at the perfect speed, using the proprietary tools (not shown) in just the right way… and then doing it all again the other direction.  It is an intensive process, but it is also a labor of love for our craftspeople, they treat each hide as the masterpiece work of art that it truly is.


The new leathers are now available for viewing on our website and samples are available – click the links below to learn more!

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Kinetic Cowhide


Resurfaced Cowhide


IMG_8127Concentric Cowhide



Trifecta Cowhide



Boho Luxe Cowhide



& Luster Cowhide


Visit our Stacy Garcia page for more information and to get your hands on samples.