March Madness!

March is always a crazy month at Townsend, with the rush of energy for Spring nearby and finally getting settled in to the new year.

This year we got a little extra crazy and if you were a lucky recipient of our annual Townsend Leather Calendar,, and have flipped over to March – you probably noticed just how crazy we got!

A quadfectra of crazy!

March Calendar

Have you ever had the feeling you wanted to just skip over a day?
Have you ever wanted to live the same day twice?

Well, with Townsend’s calendar, this March – you can!

You will notice there is no March 8th.  It’s a free day!  Skip it, leave it, don’t worry about it!  A day you don’t have to remember, a day you won’t even notice!

But then you can follow that up with double the fun on March 13th!  Do something awesome that day, because you get to do it twice ;)

That would be plenty of fun for one month, but it doesn’t stop there!
“Hey March 21st, we don’t need you this year – we are much too excited for the 22nd, so we’re going to jump right there!”  And we love the 22nd so much, we’re gonna do it again, double 22!

We look forward to creating a mistake-free calendar next year, but for now, we look at the month of March as a time to get excited, to be present, and to treat each day as a special gift – no matter what the date really is!

Townsend Leather 2015 Calendar2

Join us in making ‘mindful holidays‘ out of these date screw-ups. We aim to do this each and every day, but especially this year on March 13th, 13th, 22nd, and 22nd – we are going to take extra time to focus on the things that matter most.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day, to let the days fly by almost unnoticed. How many times have you looked at your calendar only to be surprised that is already Thursday or that it’s only Tuesday!  This March, don’t let that happen, let your faulty calendar help you to rely on your own sense of time and importance.

Take a moment these days to breath and slow down.  Do something you love. Spend extra time working on your personal design project.  Take a friend to lunch.  Take yourself to lunch!  Do a crazy memorable thing.  Take these days as an excuse, as a prompt, as a reason to do something off track, out of routine, out of the norm.  You won’t regret it.

Please share with us, on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram what crazy things you did to celebrate your second March 13th or second March 22!

If you need some great music to accompany you on these mindful days of exploration, wonder, and memory-making-adventures – check out our Spotify playlist.  It includes each of the songs listed in our calendar, along with many more gritty tunes.