Sneak Peek at exciting new development...Stacy Garcia!


Stacy Garcia Townsend Leather sneak peek

There is always something exciting going on behind the scenes at Townsend Leather, but lately things have especially been a-buzz with an intriguing new connection and a multitude of developments.

The well traveled, well known, designer, brand, art-in-everything-finder, and fascinating personality – Stacy Garcia is developing a line of leathers with Townsend Leather!

Stacy Garcia, Inc. Partners with Townsend Leather



Stacy and her design team have been working closely with Townsend over the past weeks to generate ideas and create some truly exciting new leathers.  The ART& D process started when Stacy’s ‘genius and design’ team visited with Townsend Leather in upstate New York, to combine forces with our ‘craft and design’ team.




The teams spent a the day wandering Townsend, reviewing samples, and pouring over Stacy’s catalog of gorgeous products to find inspiration and make an attempt to narrow in on the nearly limitless possibilities of which beautiful leathers to create.







The teams got deep into the process.  Discussing the intricate details of leather production, color development, creating the perfect feel, hand, and texture, and how to bring it all together into a must-have, beautiful, luxurious leather.







The teams continue to revise, refine, and perfect the leathers – still in the ART & D process and not ready for public view.  But check back soon and keep your eyes pealed on twitter for new announcements and future sneak peeks.


Here’s the sneak peek for now though…still very early in development, but sharp eyed viewers might be able to pick out a few pieces of the possible exciting new Stacy Garcia leathers in the photos below.


Stacy Garcia_Team Townsend Product Development RnD (1)_censored

Stacy Garcia_Team Townsend Product Development RnD (4)_censored

Stacy Garcia_Team Townsend Product Development RnD_censored


We will have special releases for a select few over the coming months. A few very special sneak peeks at the initial production, but most customers will have to wait until the official launch this fall.

We could not be more excited about this relationship and the incredible things that are being created. The process so far has been easy and fun, our teams mesh so well you would think they have been working together for years.  And we think you are going to feel that ease, fun, harmonious synergy, and beauty in the final product.