Luxury, across the globe...Townsend at HD Expo and EBACE 2015

Townsend Leather Ebace and HD2015

We get excited for every trade show, but this time of year is especially exciting as we send teams across the globe from Las Vegas to Switzerland to put a spotlight on the new exciting things Townsend has been working on.  And we have some truly exciting things to spotlight.

HD Booth 1b

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The Townsend booths will be brimming with new luxurious leathers.  Some of them will be fresh out of our R&D and ART&D departments, not even named yet.  Booth attendees will get a first hand exclusive look at some of the unique design enhancing leathers our team is creating.

Townsend Leather RandD (3)

Townsend Leather RandD (1)

Townsend Leather RandD (4)

Townsend Leather RandD (2)

Townsend Leather RandD (6)

Townsend Leather RandD

Townsend Leather RandD (7)

These shows will also be the first time Townsend fans will get to see, and get their hands on, our newest product offering – a textured metallic leather with a stunning retro luxury feel – our Metallic Perfectly Pebbled.

Townsend Leather Metallic Perfectly Pebbled Hospitality Design AD (999x1280)

A new line of lustrous metal-inspired leathers, Metallic Perfectly Pebbled, takes texture to new heights and transforms seven metal-inspired colors onto leather. These hides are produced as an aniline-dyed, finished cowhide that have been embossed with a small pebble grain embossing and accented with popular tone-on-tone metallic effects. Offered in whole cowhides, averaging 55-60 sf each, these leathers meet all industry standards and are suitable for most all upholstery and wall applications.

Metallic Perfectly Pebbled highlights a color range of soft metals that is warmth in hue, but emphasizes the brilliancy of each pebbled tip. Mixing combinations of rustic and retro styles with comfortable, classy, and modern design creates gorgeous interior spaces. Metallic Perfectly Pebbled is the perfect transitional leather. The characteristic finish effect of this leather artwork is applied by hand; the resulting variance in design and color are part of its natural beauty.

We will also be introducing an entire new collection of leathers at HD and EBACE.  You can get a sneak peak here, but you’ll have to stop by the booth for the real deal and full details.

Our Jetsetter Collection…


A mix and match set of luxury leather inspired by the high life and the jet setter attitude, the Jetsetter Collection is an opportunity to create.  These leathers are hand selected to coordinate and create beauty wherever they’re used.  But to get the full impact you’ll have to stop by the booth to see them in person.