Earth Day 2014!

Townsend Leather once again celebrated our love of the earth!

We had to work around some inclement weather and very busy schedules, so it was just a bit late, but we once again celebrated our annual Earth Day – Townsend Clean-Up Event.

Townsend Leather EarthDay CleanUp 2014 (1)

This was the fourth year in a row that we have gathered as a team to beautify our property and the surrounding community.

Townsend Leather celebrates Earth Week 2013

A team of like-minded, team working, community focused, Earth lovin’ folks from all parts of Townsend got together earlier this week to share some food and good conversation.  We all put on some gloves, grabbed some trash bags and spread out all over the 4 sprawling buildings of Townsend Leather, and beyond; picking up all the trash and recyclables, and even cigarette butts! that we could find.   Townsend has teamed up with a fantastic company, not too far from us in New Jersey, called TerraCycle, where we are able to actually recycle cigarette butts!

The event was a tremendous success.  Everyone got involved and worked hard.  We gathered pounds and pounds of trash from around the area and along the road, and walked away feeling good about a small step toward a positive environmental impact.

Townsend Leather EarthDay CleanUp 2014_

 Townsend Leather EarthDay CleanUp 2014 (3)

Every time Townsend is able to hold an event outside on the Townsend campus, it is truly a delight.  It is always so satisfying to take a minute, slow down, and really take in the beauty of the area we work in.  Spring is still struggling a bit to get to upstate New York, but with the clean fresh air, the shimmering pond, the bright blue of the sky you can’t help but swell with pride at the beauty of nature and that we get to come and spend every day surrounded by it.  It makes getting your hands dirty, bending over digging through driveways, collecting trash feel easy and enjoyable when you get to do it in a place like this.  

Townsend Leather EarthDay CleanUp 2014 (4)

Townsend Leather EarthDay CleanUp 2014_1

Townsend Leather EarthDay CleanUp 2014 (5)
This is just a sampling of the trash this wonder-team was able to collect. 

Townsend Leather EarthDay CleanUp 2014 (2) copy 

A truly fantastic company with truly fantastic people, each passionate about life and making things even better.

Looking forward to next year’s event already!