Earth Week at Townsend Leather

Yesterday, Earth Day 2013, marked the start of Townsend Leather’s annual Earth Week.

Townsend Leather aims to celebrate Earth Day every day, but give our efforts extra attention during this week each year.

Exploring more organic food options, utilizing reusable mugs, and growing our recycling efforts are just a couple of the small things we focus on during this week.  We also have invested in dramatically more efficient machinery and made big steps in finding ways to reduce our overall energy consumption.

This week’s focus on making a positive environmental impact all leads up to our annual Clean-Up day, where, as a company we go outside and spread out to pick up and beautify the area around Townsend’s buildings and all around the community, including our local walking path, the Rail Trail.

We hope you will join us this week in striving to make a positive environmental impact.

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